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Cure Bad Breath

Best Mouthwash to Cure Bad Breath

Having bad breath is an uncomfortable condition that causes embarrassment for all of us at one time or another. For some, it is an occasional condition while others may have a chronic problem. Since our noses adapt to our own odors, it is difficult to smell your own breath.

There are scientific instruments that can measure the severity of the bad breath but there are also a couple of simple tests you can do at home to test your breath. Take a washcloth or spoon and wipe some of the white film off the back of your tongue and smell it. Take some dental floss and run it between two of your back teeth and then smell the floss. I'll bet neither one was a particularly pleasant odor! Now that I have your attention, let's talk about how we can neutralize these foul odors.

Most Common Cause of Bad Breath

Most breath odor issues are caused by anaerobic bacteria that produce unpleasant smelling volatile sulfur compounds. These are common bacteria found in the mouth but the majority can be found on the back one third of the tongue under the white film around the little filaments(papilla) on the top surface. These bacteria are also found around the teeth, in the sinus, and on the tonsils. A successful program to control bad breath involves limiting the number of these bacteria and neutralizing the bad smelling sulfur compounds that they produce.

Contributing Factors


  • Dry Mouth: Anything that reduces the salivary flow will contribute to bad breath simply because it provides a better breeding ground for these bacteria. Stress, smoking, alcohol, medications, hormones, mouth breathing, and age related salivary decrease all contribute to dry mouth. Morning breath is a perfect example of bad breath caused by a dry mouth while we sleep.
  • High Protein Foods: Meat, dairy, fish, eggs, and coffee will all contribute to bad breath because the bacteria break down the protein into more of these smelly sulfur compounds.
  • Dental Conditions: Cavities, leaking fillings, abscesses, food traps between teeth or under fixed bridges, removable dentures, and partially erupted wisdom teeth all lead to bad breath because of increased bacteria levels.
  • Medical Disorders: Sinusitis, bronchitis, GI disturbances, liver and kidney ailments, and diabetes can all contribute to breath odors. If all oral conditions have been neutralized and the odor persists, a medical consultation is necessary.


The Solution

Your first step is to eliminate as many of the contributing factors as possible. For example, make sure all of your necessary dental work is completed and have a dental cleaning so your gums are healthy. Eliminate smoking and limit your alcohol consumption. Avoid high protein foods and make sure your diet is rich with fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water, rinse you mouth often and use sugarless gum or mints to combat dry mouth syndrome.

Best Product Lines

Warning About Mouthwash!

This is one area where the large oral care companies have not caught up with the scientific research. The mouthwash you are using may be making your breath worse rather than better!

Most over the counter mouthwashes are very high in alcohol content. We already know that alcohol dries the mouth and allows the odor producing bacteria to grow. This only contributes to the problem. The strong flavors are used to mask the problem rather than eliminate the source of the odor. Soon, the masking agent is gone and the bad breath has returned even worse than before.

What we need are non alcoholic products that eliminate as much of these bacteria as possible and the resulting sulfur compounds from the mouth, sinus, and tonsils. Breath Rx has a line of non-alcoholic products that I have used for years but, today, my favorite non-alcoholic product line is made by TheraBreath . I use their toothpaste and oral rinse at least twice a day along with their nasal spray and tonsil spray once a day. It is important to cover the post nasal drip route of nasal to mouth to tonsils. This is the only product that I have ever used where I felt a residual benefit hours later. Rather than masking the odor, it actually neutralizes it and eliminates the sour taste in your mouth. Its active ingredient is an oxidizing agent similar to what is used to purify drinking water. I believe it is the most effective agent, on the market today, at neutralizing the volatile sulfur compounds.

TheraBreath has the most extensive inventory of all kinds of breath products that I have ever come across. This includes oral rinses, toothpaste, floss, nasal sprays for the sinus, spray nozzles for the tonsils, chewing gum, mints, breath strips, etc. All contain the active ingredient which eliminates the foul smelling compounds. Use coupon code: ATTHG15 to get 15 percent off any regular order.

Final Thoughts

The first time you try a non alcoholic mouthwash you may be initially disappointed by the mild taste of the rinse. It doesn't have that burning feeling and really intense flavor so you think it is not working. You would be wrong to think this!

Soon you realize that your mouth feels fresher for much longer compared to anything you ever experienced with an over the counter alcoholic mouth rinse. Rather than masking the odor for fifteen minutes, you realize that both the odor and sour taste has been neutralized for hours.

Give these products a try and prove it for yourself. Learn to recognize what factors contribute to your particular bad breath issues and you can develop a routine that really works for you. For those who want more detailed information, please download TheraBreath's free ebook, The Bad Breath Bible. You also have the ability to try these products with their very low cost 15 Day Free Trial Offer.

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